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You know who reminds me of Billy in an ever so slight way?


I mean, when he was alive and way more pompous about his fame….He was totally Kuzco, am I right?


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"How to Train Your Cryaotic"

it’s kinda messy But that’s cool right?

my last picture before i go on vacation, hope you guys have a good week!

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We’re gonna be a stream.









we’ll see

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Daft Punk • Ink, Watercolors, & GIMP

Lydia Clites • tumblr | deviantart | etsy

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of Hadley, for Hadley

here you go banozac, i hope you like it!

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So, my wifi is down at my house, and I’m going to Florida for vacation next week.
As far as I can tell that means no drawings for this time.
I have one thing planned/finished, but we’ll see if I can can get it posted before I leave.
Anyway, I hope you guys have a lovely week, and I’ll post when and if I post :)

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Lunast explains: The answer to the universe.

True beauty

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edit: realized i messed up the ear, but i fixed it

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crew as homunculus needs to be a thing

Ok…..Homunculus! Crew is now a thing……..

Now then….who shall take each part?

Cry is Greed, because Greed is not really evil but he does everything he wants, and he does it for his own satisfaction, to tease…

Can I…. Draw this? Am I allowed, because this would be great!

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One of these dragons is not like the other

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This is hella cool yo!

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This whole posting every tweet cry makes is clogging up the tag, and is getting annoying.
Sorry, but can we please come up with something new?

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gorgeous bby!

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CONGRATS!!!! You deserve wwaaaaaaay more followers, because your art is so beautiful~ have a great day! :)
thetinytaco asked

aww thank you so much! and you too :3